Step-Up Mouthpieces & Lubricants - Also available at your local music store


Students are encouraged to purchase step-up mouthpieces. A noticeable improvement can be heard in the quality of sound produced. Such a purchase is often a more economical option to buying a new instrument and provides a step to making a commitment to purchasing a step-up instrument. A step-up or professional instrument with a cheap mouthpiece will sound like a cheap instrument. A beginning instrument can sound like a better quality instrument with a step-up mouthpiece (and ligature for clarinet or saxophone).

Clarinetists and saxophonists need a mouthpiece and a ligature. There are several listed below that give you some flexibility financially.

Saxophone 2

Saxophone Mouthpieces

  • Yanagisawa Hard Rubber

  • Vandoren Optimum

  • Selmer C*

  • Hite Premiere

  • Fobes Debut

Saxophone Ligatures


Trumpet Mouthpieces

Valve Oil


F Horn Mouthpieces

F Horn Rotor Oil

F Horn Tuning Slide Grease

Hands of man playing the trombone

Trombone Mouthpieces

Trombone Slide Cream

Trombone Tuning Slide Grease