City Barbeque - Huntersville 

Your group: Bailey Band Boosters

Your fundraiser date: Wednesday, October 7

Your fundraiser location: City Barbeque Huntersville,

Your fundraiser code: FundA

A few reminders:


  • For an online order to count toward your fundraiser, folks must apply code FundA prior to checkout
    at or in the City BBQ app. If folks are ordering in person, they must present your
    group’s flyer or social media post with code FundA visible, either by pulling it up on their phone or presenting
    a printed copy.

  • Online orders must be fulfilled—i.e. picked up or delivered—on the date of your fundraiser in order to be
    eligible: orders placed on the date of your fundraiser for fulfillment at a later date will not count toward your sales. (Orders can, however, be placed in advance for fulfillment on your fundraiser date.)

  • Online orders must be placed at City Barbeque Huntersville in order to be eligible: orders placed using your code at any other location will not count toward your sales. 


  • You may not pass out or distribute flyers on City Barbeque property.

City BBQ Fundraiser Social Image_FundA_H