#BetterTogether with Music


8th grade bass guitarist with his dad

6th grade percussionist with his Outer Banks cousin via phone

6th grade tuba player - outside concert

6th grade saxophonist and 8th grade percussionist  who are brothers perform together

7th grade saxophonist/guitarist for family

6th grade saxophonist - porch concert

I think that as humans, we are very social creatures. We also have a desire to learn, and interact. Music gives us a way to interact and socialize, in a very different way. Music is like a language people work with each other to talk in.  Everyone has different desires, and dreams. Communication is very important to those things.

Erik M.

Music brings everyone together because almost everybody enjoys music. Everybody enjoys music because its nice to listen to. Some music brings love, others bring hate but everybody can enjoy them no matter what kind of music it is.


Johan M.

Music is important to me because it gives me a way to let losoe some energy and can express some feelings I have. In songs I listen to, I listen to the kind of instruments that are played and how they sound, especially the guitar. I feel that music can be anything, depending on the instrument(s) that is played in the music and what type of music it is. This means that instruments can be played to a mood or theme, they can express a person's feelings, and can be adjusted to fit any character trait (and/or emotion). Again, this is just me saying how I feel about music. Music is also a little kind of therapy for me, just a little bit though.

Nick S.

Music can raise someone's mood, make them excited or make them calm and relaxed. Music can also motivate people. Music brings out our emotions and is a big part of our life.

Megan K.

Music is important to me because it can be everything and anything
whenever I need it. From an escape from my life when it’s hard to
simply some tunes to fall asleep, music can truly be anything. Music
is also one of those things that is available to everyone, allowing
all of us to come together and connect with each other. It’s been with
me all throughout my life, acting as encouragement during tough times and enjoyment during happy ones.More importantly though, music is like the train in the tunnel, it keeps you going even when everything seems dark.

Shiva P.